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Beijing Zhongze Kaida Technology Co., Ltd. provides a comprehensive service provider of control center consoles, display consoles and other products and solutions. The company integrates technology research and development, modular production, sales and service. Zhongze Kaida Personalized needs, improve the overall solution of customized control center and console, the service industry covers public safety, energy, transportation, communication, finance, government, military, aviation and other fields.

       The company has a professional, high-level, high-quality technical and R&D team, actively introduces advanced design and manufacturing concepts, and perfectly combines ergonomics with product manufacturing processes. All kinds of products are made of high-quality environmentally friendly materials. , healthy and convenient new work experience.

       Relying on advanced technology, abundant products, and comprehensive services, Zhongze Kaida wholeheartedly provides comprehensive consulting services and reliable and cost-effective control center overall solutions for users with different needs, helping customers to build high-efficiency, high-tech, Health as one of the modern control center. Sincerely look forward to working with you to create a better future!

Corporate culture of Beijing Zhongze Kaida:


Brand Culture ---- Brand Concept


- Enhance customer value (Value)


- Grasp the trend of the times (Trend)


- Pursue continuous innovation (Innovation)


- Optimistic Attiude


- Never give up


Manager Idea ---- business philosophy


- Believe in the win-win marketing concept of creating value for customers


Enterprise Consciousness ----Enterprise spirit


- Faith, innovation, execution, integrity, win-win


Company Culture ---- Corporate Philosophy