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The Zhongze Kaida console fully considers the working environment of the command and dispatch center, and will work 7*24 hours a week, effectively guaranteeing the console's durability, ergonomic comfort and coordination with the hall environment. The layout arrangement of the equipment has been optimized to the maximum extent for the installation, use, maintenance and wiring system of the equipment, which makes the installation and maintenance more worry-free and labor-saving, and the wiring management is easier. At the same time, according to the design considerations of flexibility and stability, the streamlined design is adopted, with a strong three-dimensional sense of lines and a sense of the times; the structural design fully considers the stability and balance of the console, so that the load-bearing can meet the needs of customers; the console meets ergonomic and The human operation line of sight requirements, the layout is neat and beautiful, comfortable and practical. It is an ideal choice for dispatching center console, monitoring center podium, monitoring center, and public safety center.

The load-bearing frame is made of Q235 high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and 6063-T5 industrial aluminum profile. It is connected by professional accessories, with high connection strength. The overall frame has strong deformation resistance and never rusts, providing a continuous and stable structural foundation.

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