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console surface treatment

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

What is the surface treatment of the console like? Here I will introduce it to you.

       1. The surface of the operating table should generally be kept free of scratches, dents, etc. If this occurs, the surface needs to be polished with fine sandpaper and water grinding.

console surface treatment

       2. Since the environment has a great influence on the surface of the console, in order to avoid corrosion on the surface. We can protect the surface with pickling phosphating composite oxygen resin powder.

       The function of the console is mainly used to manage and place the intricate lines and equipment in the work. After use, it can make the whole work orderly. At present, the operation console is often used in various monitoring rooms, which is convenient. The operation of the staff has beautified the entire monitoring room.

       The above are some ways to deal with the surface problems of the console. Although they are simple, they are quite practical and can help us deal with many problems to a certain extent.