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How to properly wire the operation console of the dispatch center?

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

How to rationally wire the operation console of the dispatch center to better manage the equipment? The staff of the operation console manufacturer will introduce it to you.

       The advantages of the operation console make it one of the indispensable products in the management industry. It has a reasonable design and layout, which greatly improves the comfort of operators, greatly improves work efficiency, and intelligent management It can better assist equipment, better manage various equipment, and reasonable wiring is safer to use equipment.

How to properly wire the operation console of the dispatch center?

       The first is that the monitoring station complies with safety regulations and ergonomic requirements, while maintaining coordination with the entire environment. Design according to the actual area, size and rationality of space layout of the control center. The use of flexible monitoring consoles is very convenient for installation, disassembly and maintenance, and the overall combined structure makes the console more flexible to use. For the internal structure, it must have better callability, and more professional equipment is required. Support brackets and internal accessories are used as auxiliary to facilitate installation and adjustment. For efficient wiring, a cable management system or cable through holes are usually installed in the internal frame. In addition, environmentally friendly materials are also selected to ensure the health of operators.

       When the operation console is in production, the requirement is to design the layout and appearance based on the actual situation of the tenderee. It must be beautiful and reasonable, and it must be usable, meet the requirements of mechanics, and at the same time coordinate with the entire environment. Secondly, the overall installation and maintenance of the monitoring platform should be flexible, and the overall design should be combined, which is conducive to disassembly and expansion; the internal structure should also pay attention to adjustability. Auxiliary equipment, all within the scope of the design. In the selection of countertops and main materials, fire-retardant and flame-retardant materials are used, and environmental protection is the mainstay to ensure the personal health and safety of staff.