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How to choose a console? Console selection method

Nov,06,2019 << Return list

The console market is mixed and the quality is uneven. Faced with today's numerous monitoring console products, the choices of customers are gradually increasing. The emergence of a variety of monitoring console products makes many friends do not know which one is better. Zhongze Kaida console manufacturer tells you that the choice of monitoring station is practical, so when choosing a monitoring station, practical performance should be considered.

      1. Generally speaking, the monitoring station generally provides sufficient cable channels, and the cable layout should be reasonable and orderly. It is best to be close to the cable interface of the equipment to shorten the wiring distance and reduce the space occupied by the cable. Ensure that equipment installation, adjustment and maintenance are not disturbed by wiring, ensure that cooling airflow is not obstructed by cables; at the same time, in case of failure, equipment wiring can be quickly located.

      2. A good monitoring station image can improve the overall visual effect of the monitoring center. The professional monitoring station is designed according to the ergonomic system, including table height, display distance and inclination, equipment operation and debugging, personnel protection, etc. With multi-angle and multi-level consideration, the operator will not feel tired after using it for a long time.

      3. The interior of the monitoring station is divided into two layers of trays, which make it more compact and standardized, and better meet the user's requirements for the use of external and internal space. The gaps between the boards of the monitoring platform should be handled with care. Seal the gaps in the board (i.e. the side exposed to the technical sandwich) with fiberglass sealant immediately after the board is installed. After the construction of all pipes in the technical interlayer is completed, thoroughly clean the board surface, and use high-quality silicone caulking on the bottom surface of the board (that is, the side exposed in the clean room), and the caulking should be tightly connected and flat.

       The above is about how to choose the console. If you need to order or customize the console, you can consult us and look forward to cooperating with you.